Mackerel teriyaki

Serves 4
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Mackerel are one of my favourite fish – not only are they easy to catch but they are a pleasure to cook with in the kitchen and that delicious, slightly oily flesh tastes like no other fish. They work a treat on the barbecue and make great outdoor eating.

I've used a good-quality teriyaki sauce here from a Japanese supermarket which is perfect as you are only giving the fish a brush while it's cooking and flavouring the skin. You can serve this with a salad.

4 large bamboo skewers soaked in water for 3-4 hours (to prevent burning) or metal skewers
4 medium-sized mackerel, filleted and boned
Sea salt
80-100g ginger, scraped
4tbsp teriyaki sauce

Thread the mackerel fillets on to bamboo skewers and lightly season with sea salt. Finely grate the ginger to a purée; you can also chop over it afterwards with a knife if you wish. Cook the mackerel on a medium heat of a barbecue, skin-side down first for a minute on each side twice and brushing it with teriyaki sauce as it is cooking. Serve with the ginger purée.