Main course: serves 4-6. Total time: 30 minutes
400g/14oz minced lamb
20g/ 2/3 oz raw papaya
Large pinch red chilli powder
Salt to taste
Teaspoon each ginger and garlic paste, and roasted gram flour
100g/4oz onion, fried till golden
Tablespoon yoghurt
1/2 teaspoon kewra water
Pinch spices (powdered cardomom, cloves, mace, black pepper)
1/4 teaspoon rose water

For the bread

100g/3 1/2oz flour
Pinch fennel
One crushed cardamom pod
Teaspoon each salt and sugar
40ml/1 1/2fl oz milk
25g/1oz ghee

Mix together all ingredients for the mince using only half the ghee and allow to rest in a fridge.

Mix together all ingredients for the bread and allow to rest.

Make small balls of the mince and cook over a hot plate.

Roll out the dough into 4mm-thick sheets and cut with cutter to get small discs. Cook on a hot griddle.

Place the lamb balls on the bread. Serve, garnished with green herbs.