Morcilla on toasted sourdough

Serves 4

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The Spanish have a couple of types of black pudding – the cured and dried version, which you can eat just sliced like chorizo, or the soft, fresh one. The air-dried type is a great snack that you can keep in your fridge to slice away at; or alternatively, you can serve it on toast like this with some tasty small salad leaves or with some grated or shredded apple.

4 slices of sourdough
A clove of garlic peeled
150g or so of air-dried morcilla, thinly sliced
1-2tbsp extra virgin olive oil
A handful of small salad leaves and shredded apple

Toast the sourdough bread, then drizzle on a little olive oil; rub with the peeled garlic cloves, arrange the morcilla and leaves on the bread, season and spoon over a little olive oil.