Serves 4

For the rhubarb

4 sticks of rhubarb
100g/31/2oz caster sugar
50ml/2fl oz water (or orange juice)
2 pieces of stem ginger, chopped, plus 1tbsp of its syrup

For the crème Anglaise

425ml/15fl oz whole organic milk
150ml/5fl oz double cream
6 organic egg yolks
180g/6oz caster sugar
1 vanilla pod, split in half lengthwise

For the pain perdu

6 slices of white bread, crusts removed
2 organic eggs
2tbsp double cream
40g/11/2oz unsalted butter

Wash and slice the rhubarb. Place in a pan with the sugar and water; simmer for 10 minutes, and cool. Add the ginger and its syrup to the cool rhubarb. Set aside.

Place the milk, cream and vanilla in a pan over a gentle heat. Simmer and set aside; whisk the eggs in a bowl for 3 minutes. Add the milk, whisking as you do. Pour back into the pan and whisk over a low heat, until it thickens (up to 10 minutes). Remove from the heat, pour into a bowl to cool; leave the vanilla in until serving.

Slice the bread into fingers, and beat the eggs with the cream. Soak the bread in this mixture for 3 minutes. Melt the butter over a medium heat. Cook the bread until golden brown. Divide between your 4 plates and spoon on the rhubarb and custard. Dust with icing sugar and serve.