Pea soup, poached hen egg

Serves 6
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A special recipe to try today, as part of the Meat-Free Monday campaign.

6 small hen eggs
1kg frozen peas
1 large onion, chopped
800ml vegetable stock
100ml single cream
Salt and pepper
50g butter
Olive oil

Poach the eggs in lightly salted boiling water for about 3 minutes, until the whites are just set. Refresh in ice cold water, then drain and trim the whites with a pair of scissors if necessary.

Sweat the onion in the butter over a low heat, with out letting the onion colour. When soft add the peas, season and sweat over medium heat for 2 minutes. Add the boiling vegetable stock bring to the boil, then add the cream and simmer for 5 minutes. Blend in a food processor, and then pass through a fine sieve.

To serve

Place the warmed poached egg into a soup bowl, season with salt and pepper, bring the soup to the boil, whisk with a hand blender, and then pour around the poached egg.