Pollack sashimi with English mustard and Gentleman's Relish

Serves 4 -6
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Yes I'm still flying the pollack flag, although we do need to be careful that we don't wipe them out, too. I reckon before long its close cousins saithe and coley will also be bidding for places on restaurant menus, which won't be a bad thing because, like pollack, the larger fish have pretty firm flesh and eat very well.

Julian Biggs, the chef director at Urban Caprice, created this little gem as a canapé and the mustard works in the same way that wasabi would.

Gentleman's Relish is a type of anchovy paste, but I've always wondered who eats it because I've never actually seen it passing anyone's lips. You can buy it from Waitrose and posh delis.

250-300g very fresh pollack fillet from a large fish
A couple of teaspoons of English mustard
A couple of teaspoons of Gentleman's Relish

With a very sharp knife, slice the pollack into wafer-thin slices and lay them on a sheet of cling film. Smear a little of the mustard on to the pollack and roll the slices up. Secure with a cocktail stick and put a small amount of Gentleman's Relish on with the point of a knife.

Make these as close to when you're going to serve them as possible.