Makes 6 pieces

Sushi rice (half the amount made in the recipe given)

Sushi rice (half the amount made in the recipe given)

15cm/6in piece of cucumber, cut lengthways into thin strips

100g/31/2 oz smoked salmon, cut into strips

You can buy proper wooden sushi moulds from specialist shops, but a small rectangular cake tin lined with clingfilm makes a good substitute.

Trim the salmon and cucumber strips so that they fit the tin exactly when placed diagonally in it. Moisten the clingfilm and line the base of tin with alternating diagonal strips of smoked salmon and cucumber.

Add the sushi rice, then press gently to form a compact layer with the cucumber and salmon at the bottom, with a firm layer of rice, an inch or so deep, on top. Make sure the surface of the rice is flat.

Remove from the tin and turn over so you have a block of rice, with the salmon and cucumber on top. Dip a sharp knife into water and use it to cut the block into equally sized rectangles.