The dish can be served with thick slices of warm, preferably soda, bread / LISA BARBER
Serves 1

I like to place this on the middle of the table at the start of a meal for all to take as they please; the recipe below is for individual portions – just multiply according to your number of guests.

It is very important that the butter itself be cold and unsalted; the salt should instead be a crystally garnish on the top. Accompany with thick slices of warm, preferably soda, bread.

5-6 radishes
50g/2oz butter
A little pool of coarse sea salt

Allow the butter to sit at room temperature until soft, then spoon into a small ramekin and smooth the top with a warm knife. Chill in the fridge.

Wash the radishes well and pat dry. Leave the stalks on, but remove any that are torn or bruised.

Arrange on a plate, place the butter alongside and finish with a little pile of salt.