Roasted rhubarb with mascarpone

Serves 4
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Here contrasting flavours and textures work well to create a rich, yet palate-cleansing dessert

4 sticks winter rhubarb
100ml/31/2fl oz verjus or water
150g/5oz golden caster sugar
The peel of one orange
One vanilla pod, split in half lengthways
200g/7oz mascarpone

Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas4. Wash the rhubarb, trim the base and slice it into two-inch pieces.

Place in a baking tray and pour over the verjus or water, sprinkle over the sugar and orange peel, and tuck the vanilla pod into the centre.

Seal with tin foil and place on the middle shelf of the warm oven. Roast for 20 minutes or until the rhubarb is soft but not quite falling apart.

Remove from the oven, take off the foil and allow to cool to room temperature.

Once the rhubarb has cooled, divide between four plates and place a dollop of mascarpone on top of each.