As a personal trainer, I am a big believer that great food does not have to sacrifice your health. As part of my general rules to eating, I always encourage clients to maintain a low Glycaemic level to their foods, so I use Quinoa in place of rice, and new potatoes instead of regular King Edwards, etc. In this recipe I have used my favourite fish, sea bass, which I buy fresh from Borough Market, as its produce is always fantastic quality.

Serves 3-4

4 bass, gutted and de-scaled
Fresh basil
3 onions, sliced
3 tomatoes, sliced
Olive oil
1 lemon
2 bulbs of fennel

Pre-heat the oven to 200C/ gas mark 6. Place some slices of onion and tomato on a piece of foil. Place two of the sea bass on top and liberally place basil leaves on their backs. Season with black pepper and throw in some thyme. Seal up inside a foil packet, adding a little water (3 tablespoons) just before closing to keep it moist. Make sure no moisture can escape or the fish will become dry. Repeat with the other two fish.

Cook in a hot oven for about 20 minutes and don't be tempted to check it until the time is up: you will only release the flavours. Once the fish is cooked, open up the package and serve on a base of Quinoa and fennel (cut top to bottom and steamed for 7 minutes). Squeeze some lemon juice on the fish and add black pepper if desired.