Makes 8 toasts

Don't be put off by the greasy triangles from the Chinese takeaway that taste of nothing but sesame seeds. They're probably bought frozen. If you make these yourself it's quite a different story. Buy prawns in the shell if possible, then you can make the bisque below with the shells.

10-12 medium-sized raw large prawns in the shell
2tsp finely grated root ginger
2 spring onions, trimmed and finely chopped
2tsp sake, or dry sherry
2 slices of white bread with the crusts removed
2tbsp sesame seeds (mixed with black ones if you wish)
Vegetable or corn oil for deep frying

Remove the heads and shells from the prawns but leave the tail attached.

With a sharp knife cut along the length of the prawn leaving a thin strip of prawn flesh attached to the tail. Chop the rest of the meat finely with a knife, or in a small food processor. Remove the crusts from the bread and cut into rectangles (or mini soldiers), approximately 11/2 cm wide x 3-4cm long.

Mix the ginger, spring onion and sake with the chopped prawn meat and season. Lay the prawns with the tail attached on to the pieces of bread then, using a teaspoon, mound the chopped prawn mixture evenly on the toasts over the prawn leaving the tail sticking out at one end and pointing upwards. Dip the prawns carefully in the sesame seeds so they stick to the mixture. Ensure the meat is covered and re-align the tails if necessary.

Pre-heat about 8cm of oil to 150-160C in a large thick-bottomed saucepan or electric deep fat fryer. Fry the prawns for 2-3 minutes until a light golden colour and drain on kitchen paper.