Shards of bitter chocolate with candied orange and pistachio

Serves 4-6
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This is great to place on the table at the end of a dinner party as an alternative dessert. You can just break it up into large, rough shapes and serve it in a bowl or on a tray.

500g dark chocolate, chopped
60g pistachio nuts, lightly toasted
60g candied orange peel, chopped
50g 100% Venezuelan black chocolate, coarsely grated (optional)

Place the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water and stir until melted. Line a flat baking tray with silicone or greaseproof paper and pour on the chocolate, scraping the bowl with a spatula, and spreading the chocolate to about cm-thick.

Don't worry about having neat edges. Scatter the orange, pistachio and Venezuelan black chocolate all over and leave to set in the fridge. You can place it in the freezer if you wish. To serve, break the chocolate into large, rough shards.