Serves 1

When I lived in Paris, almost the first thing I learnt to do was cook eggs. Although boiling an egg so it's perfectly soft sounds easy, somehow it isn't.

Timing is essential – and like all good things, practice is important. I like to eat two boiled eggs at a time, as one is never quite enough.

2 very fresh, organic free-range eggs

Boil a small pan of water over a medium heat with just the smallest pinch of salt.

Now carefully lay the eggs in the water using a spoon – they will crack easily if they drop to the bottom and the white will ooze out. Cook for 3 minutes.

Remove from the water and let rest for a minute or two before eating. For eggs that are between soft- and hard-boiled, cook for a minute longer.

Grill a slice of bread, remove the crusts, spread with lashings of butter and cut into soldiers.