Serves 4

We serve this spinach at work with a little roasted quail or sometimes with grilled halibut with a dressing of preserved lemons spooned over the top. I can eat a big bowl of it just on its own, though!

200g/7oz young spinach leaves
40g/1 oz unsalted butter
1 finely sliced large red chilli, including seeds
A good pinch of sea salt

Wash the spinach well under cool running water, being sure to remove any grit that may be hiding there.

Place a large pot over a medium heat and, once warm, add the spinach. There is no need to add anything to the pan, as the water clinging to the leaves is enough to let the spinach wilt. Once the spinach is just soft, remove the pan from the heat and pour the spinach into a colander.

Allow to cool to room temperature. Once the spinach is cool enough, squeeze out as much water as possible – it is easiest to use your hands to do this.

Place a pan large enough to hold the spinach comfortably over a fairly low heat. Add the butter and, once it has melted, add the spinach and chopped chilli. Allow the spinach to become warm, stirring once or twice to mix in the chilli well.

Remove from the heat and season with salt (spinach likes salt, so don't be mean), then serve.