This very simple dish bridges the gap between cheese and dessert / LISA BARBER
Serves 4

Goat's cheese is never better than at this time of year. Soft, chalky, crumbly, delicate and slightly lemony in flavour, it should be eaten alone rather than as part of a cheese board.

Honey is the perfect accompaniment; choose one that is light in flavour, perhaps with a slightly crystally texture.

This very simple plate bridges the gap between cheese and dessert. Don't serve with bread or biscuits, as it simply doesn't need it.

The cheese I have used here is a lovely creamy white rindless cheese known as St Tola from County Clare in Ireland, but taste a few and see which ones you like.

600g/21oz goat's cheese
8 tsp of light fragrant honey (such as rhododendron honey)
4 broad bean pods (optional)

Arrange the cheese on each plate and drizzle two teaspoons of honey over just before serving.

When they come into season in June, you could scatter each plate with the contents of one pod of broad beans.