Serves 4

I reckon the sundae and knickerbocker glory are going to make a bit of a comeback on restaurant menus. They are lovely and colourful, and can be tweaked and adapted according to what's in season; autumn fruits, for example, would make a great sundae providing great colours after those bright summer reds.

If you really want to go to town, you could also make strawberry crisps by simply slicing large strawberries and drying them in an airing cupboard or an extremely low oven until dry and crisp.

300–350g strawberries, hulled
About 120ml clotted cream
About 400ml good-quality vanilla ice cream, preferably homemade – see the following recipe (but leave out the cherry purée and the grated chocolate)

Blend about half of the strawberries in a liquidiser until smooth, then strain the purée through a fine sieve to remove the seeds if necessary.

Slice the rest of the strawberries. Put a few strawberry slices in each of four tall glasses and spoon in some of the purée and clotted cream. Pile three small balls of ice cream into the glasses, scattering in more strawberry slices as you do so. Spoon on the rest of the strawberry purée and clotted cream, then top with the remaining strawberry slices to serve.