Stuffed olives with orange, oregano and chilli / Jason Lowe

Makes 20 as a snack

This is an unusual and great way to serve olives as a snack. The orange segment really balances up the saltiness of the olive and helps with the slight kick of the chilli.

You will need to find the largest green olives you can get your hands on for this, which can come under different names and varieties.

20 very large green olives, stoned
1 orange, segmented, and any juice squeezed and reserved
A few leaves of oregano or marjoram
1 small or half a mild chilli, finely chopped

Make a slit through one side of the olive to allow the orange segment to be stuffed into it. Cut each orange segment in half and mix with the chilli and oregano and leave to marinade for an hour or so in the juice.

Next, carefully push a piece of orange into each olive with some oregano and chilli and leave them in the juice until required.

To serve, simply discard the juice – or better, use it for a salad dressing whisked together with some olive oil – and arrange on a plate.