Summer fruit and white chocolate seaside mess

Serves 4
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As you probably recognise, this is a version of Eton mess. I would have added a ball of ice cream in the middle to make a kind of knickerbocker glory come sundae out of it, but it's not very practical on the beach, is it?

100-150g ready-made, good-quality meringue(s)
200g summer berries such as raspberries, strawberries (hulled and sliced), blueberries, redcurrants, etc
An additional 80g strawberries
200ml double cream
60g caster sugar
A few drops of vanilla essence
150g white chocolate

Blend 80g of the strawberries in a liquidiser until smooth. With a sharp knife, cut the white chocolate into thin shards.

Whisk together the double cream, caster sugar and vanilla essence until stiff. Break the meringue into small pieces and fold into the cream with the strawberry purée, two-thirds of the chocolate and the summer berries. Don't mix it together too thoroughly; you want to achieve a ripple effect.

Take the mixture in a bowl to the beach and transfer coupés or glasses, scattering the rest of the chocolate on top.