Summer fruit fool

Serves 4-6
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This is a simple dessert to knock up. It would be perfect for a picnic – but do surround it with plenty of ice packs, or the cream will melt in the heat.

You can use whatever berries are available at the moment, or just raspberries or strawberries.

400ml double cream
60g caster sugar
The juice of 1 lemon
250-300g mixed berries
100g extra strawberries or raspberries, blended in a liquidiser

Whisk the cream and sugar until the mixture is beginning to thicken, then pour in the lemon juice and stir carefully until the cream thickens up.

Gently fold in the blended raspberries or strawberries to form a rippled effect. Transfer to a container that is suitable for a picnic, if necessary.

To serve, simply scatter the mixed berries over the fruit fool.