Serves 4

If you've got a beautiful tomato or two you don't need to do anything clever. Just a few spring onions or herbs - chives, basil or mint - is enough to turn them into a simple but special salad.

There are all sorts of different shaped, sized and even coloured tomatoes now - look out for heritage varieties grown in the UK. I've gone back to using good old Sarson's malt vinegar on tomato salads just like my Gran used to with my Grandad Bill's home-grown ones. It suits a British picnic so much better than balsamico.

300-400g mixed tomatoes
2tbsp finely chopped chives
Sea salt and ground black pepper
Sarson's malt vinegar

Cut the tomatoes into chunks, wedges and halves or leave small ones whole.

When you have reached your destination, mix in the chives and season, then drizzle over the vinegar to taste.