Serves 4

Home-grown tomatoes properly ripened in the sun, plucked when warm and sweet, are one of my favourite of all things that are available at this time of year. I have three or four varieties growing this year in my garden but there are so many more to choose from. This is a good quick lunch.

For the basil oil

1 large bunch of basil
200ml/7fl oz mild extra-virgin olive oil
A pinch of sea salt

Break off the leaves of the basil and discard the stalks. Place in a food processor and pour the olive oil over. Pulse until almost smooth. Season with the salt and set aside.

4 one-inch slices of crusty, peasant-style bread
1 whole clove of garlic peeled
1 tbsp peppery olive oil

Grill the bread until golden-brown, rub gently with the garlic, drizzle over the oil and season with a little salt.

6 ripe tomatoes of any variety
4 tbsp fromage blanc or any light young cheese

Slice the tomatoes, and arrange on top of the toast. Spoon over the basil oil and arrange the young cheese (and a few black olives if you fancy) on top. Serve.