Reports of a pumpkin shortage frighten food bloggers

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There's a mild panic in the fall air among Halloween fanatics following reports of a pumpkin shortage in the wake of Hurricane Irene. A story published online at was the top food post on Tumblr as of 6:30 pm GMT Tuesday, September 20.

With a pithy headline that reads "Pumpkin shortfall is a ghoulish possibility," Tumblr users have been reblogging, liking or commenting on the Associated Press story that could threaten to dampen the Halloween holiday spirit.

Wholesale prices for jack-o'-lantern bases have doubled in the northeastern US after Hurricane Irene cut a swath of destruction across the region, destroying pumpkin patches in its wake, the story says.

Meanwhile, the other most popular Tumblr posts and food porn photos as of Tuesday include an aerial shot of pastry cookies and a cup of coffee; a cupcake tower and plate of bonbon-shaped sugar cookies iced in pretty pink pastels; a strawberry shortcake sandwich; and a recipe for teriyaki chicken, originally from Technicolor Kitchen.