Restaurant makes a sexual proposition

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Valentine’s Day normally brings about creative tasting menus in restaurants and special desserts but this year Mildred’s Temple Kitchen (MTK), a restaurant in Toronto, Canada, is offering up its bathroom for "sexcapades" as part of their Valentine’s promotions, "Mildred’s weekend of BIG LOVE."

Perhaps a more convenient and economical solution to joining the "Mile High Club," sex adventurers that enjoy interludes in airplane bathrooms during flights.

A review on, a user reviews lifestyle site, described "MTK’s lunchtime quickie" summer promotion with extensive detail, providing information about the meal, atmosphere and then asks, "what the hell is up with the washrooms?  Instead of elevator music you get an audio of a flight attendant going over the airplane specifics prior to taking off. Huh?  Am I going somewhere when I sit down to pee?" The reviewer seems to have missed the innuendo in the promotion. Apparently the bathroom is rigged so that when it is occupied a light goes on and when its occupied by two, the light blinks.

Donna Dooher, chef/co-owner of MTK, told the Toronto Star, Toronto’s daily newspaper, "we've always had little trysts in our bathrooms…we're taking it to the next level on Valentine's weekend."

As for health concerns, the public health department in charge of food safety has said sex in the bathroom is not a problem - just keep it out of the kitchen.

If a restaurant bathroom can’t compare to the exhilaration of in-flight lovin', take a look at how to charter a luxury, in-flight romp as per, elitist social media site, with amenities that include "couches or queen size beds, gourmet meals prepared by a personal chef and flower arrangements or gift baskets with champagne and choice of toys":

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