Rose syrup Prosecco

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This is a lovely summer aperitif – it looks elegant, tastes delicate and is a lovely way to begin a meal.

Prosecco is a great alternative to champagne – inexpensive, it lends itself to gentle flavourings such as rose, strawberry, melon or raspberry. This drink is best served well chilled.

Allow 375ml/13fl oz of Prosecco per glass
1 tsp rose syrup
A small crystallised rose petal

Start by chilling the champagne flutes thoroughly in the freezer – if you don't have space there, place them in your refrigerator instead, but leave them for a while longer.

Just before serving, place the rose petal in the bottom of the glass, pour over the rose syrup, very lightly stir and, slowly tilting the glass slightly, pour over the Prosecco.

Serve at once, the sugar content in the rose petal will cause the bubbles to rise prettily in the glass.