Mexican-food chain Chipotle will soon invade London / Getty Images


Does Britain need any more fast-food joints? We're OK, thanks. But the news that US/Mexican-food chain Chipotle is on a European expansion drive (it currently has just three London stores and one in Paris and plans to open hundreds more), gives pause for thought.

Why? Well in the great fast-food-vs-the-world debate they've often seemed to be on the side of the angels. Despite some of its burritos (their speciality along with tacos) having 1,000 calories in them – and McDonald's being an early investor (it's since sold up) – they've also run ad campaigns highlighting the plight of small farmers and committed themselves to using only grass-fed meat.

So the benefit of the doubt may just be in order. Let's just hope they don't open any new restaurants in London during the Olympics – the store gives police in the US a 50 per cent reduction. With the Games' heavy security presence, it might cause a stampede.