The Ten Best: Chutneys

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1. Classic Vegetable Chutney £2.55 for 310g

Duchy Originals' recipe contains chunks of carrot, parsnip and onions, as well as Bramley apple and dried apricots. Delicious and traditonal.; 0800 188 884

2. Bengal Spice £1.20 for 360g

India infuses every mouthful of this traditional mango chutney. It's full of spices with the bite of chilli at the end, a fiery addition to a mild condiment.

Available from all major supermarkets

3. Hot Gooseberry £1.80 for 230g

An imaginative chutney full of spicy fruitiness which will appeal to chilli lovers. It's guaranteed to turn your cold meats into an exciting meal.; 01621 817 313

4. Ecoterra Tomato Conserve £3.45 for 270g

Try this sweet conserve with cheese. Made from tomato, lemon, cinnamon and sugar, it's deliciously different to vinegary traditional chutneys.; 08701 607 270

5. Fig Chutney £5.75 for 340g

An explosion of taste, figs are complemented by allspice and red wine vinegar to create a stylish chutney.; 08453 001 707

6. Country Garden Chutney £2.60 for 340g

Strong flavours of swede and turnips are beautifully balanced by apricots, apples, sultanas tamarind and mustard. Perfect with the Sunday roast.; 01666 840 851

7. Green Tomato Organic £3.50 for 300g

This quality sauce from Village Bakery is the dream accompaniment for cheddar. Serve on Village Bakery Organic Savoury Seed Biscuits.; 01768 881 811

8. Onion Chutney £1.69 for 300g

One of Geeta's award-winning range of chutneys, this is pure comfort food, full of spice and flavour. Serve with a ploughman's or bangers and mash.

9. Pear Chutney £1.49 for 310g

Part of a charming range using ingredients from Kent. The pear is complemented by Tenterden Vineyards' wine. Perfect for a ham ploughman's.; 0800 188 884

10. Banana Chutney £2.50 for 300g

A bizarre idea which works superbly. Banana, dates and onions are rounded off with an irresistible chilli kick.; 01348 872 011