Top Table | Cafe Wayan And Bakery, Bali

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Location Monkey Forest Road, P.O. Box 165, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, Tel/fax: 00 62 361 975 447

Location Monkey Forest Road, P.O. Box 165, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, Tel/fax: 00 62 361 975 447

View Situated right in the middle of Ubud, on the Monkey Forest Road, there are no sweeping vistas from the cafe itself. Outside, however, there's plenty to see, so look at it as a quiet haven from the hawking that goes on Ubud's streets.

Ambience and clientele The vast majority of the clientele are tourists and the Balinese are exceptionally friendly and obliging.

Romance factor Cafe Wayan scores high on the romance factor. It's long and set out like a garden with alcoves, with lots of candles and a Far Eastern mish mash of furniture and fabrics. At the end of the restaurant is a pagoda-like structure for larger parties. The etiquette here is to lose your shoes and lounge around the low tables on cushions in the balmy heat. Maybe not the most comfortable or dignified position, but it is exotic.

Wine list Quaffing wine doesn't really make sense in Bali when there are so many cocktails to try - all made with delicious, fresh local juices. Try the Ubud Special, a mixture of arak (a local liqueur/rocket fuel), frothy lemon juice and sugar, or a Raja's Dream (Bacardi with papaya juice and a splash of Grand Marnier).

Price Starters cost about pounds 2, main courses around pounds 8 and cocktails about pounds 2.50 - except Margaritas which, bewilderingly, cost double.

Oh yeah, and the food Try the excellent Bakmi Goreng (fried noodles, vegetables and chicken) or the ubiquitous, but equally delicious, chicken satay.

Or, if you book at least 24 hours ahead, you can order the house speciality of Balinese smoked duck (pounds 8) which is smoked in spices wrapped in betel nut leaves and served with steamed rice - as good as it sounds.