According to the October edition of the ezine DivineCaroline, there are some simple ways to create exotic, healthier dishes with a few ingredients. Here are some tips from around the world to try.

-       Thailand: hot chili peppers

-       Malaysia: turmeric

-       Gambia: peanuts in place of animal protein

-       Brazil: rice and beans

-       Asia and Greece: make meat the side dish

-       Hungary: pickled vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, bell peppers)

-       The Netherlands: raw herring

Each of the above ingredients will not only keep your meals more interesting but also offer some added healthy perks like speeding up your metabolism, preventing fat deposits and stabilizing blood sugar.

Additionally, a new app for the iPhone called Foodmatic 1.0 (€0.79) was released on October 8 to help you put ingredients lurking in your pantry or fridge to good use.

This app won't warn you if you put in too many flavors but it will let you know what is "kinda tasty/tasty/delicious," and will suggest ingredients.

However, it is unclear how the app deciphers your personal taste-o-meter.