Starbucks, the largest coffeehouse company in the world, is launching so many new campaigns it is difficult to keep track between new green packaging, the ability to customize your own Frappucinos and the latest new coffee-free ice creams that will start appearing in freezer aisles on April 30.

Starbucks explained in a release that they "commissioned StrategyOne and Food-ology researcher and behaviorial food expert, Juliet A. Boghossian, to author the "What Flavor Are You?" survey, helping to uncover surprising findings about Americans' ice cream preferences and what their favorite flavor says about them."

Here are the results of what it means if you prefer vanilla, chocolate or strawberry:

Not so "vanilla" after all - Vanilla lovers are more likely than those who prefer chocolate or strawberry to call themselves risk takers while strawberry and chocolate lovers are the most likely to say they're shy
Real men eat strawberry
- Men are more likely than women to prefer strawberry ice cream
Classics trump trendy - 77 percent of Americans agree, "Amidst all the trendy flavors, I always come back to the classics"
Home sweet home
- 56 percent of Americans say their ideal ice cream experience is eating ice cream while on their couch
Strawberry lovers are most likely to be free-spirited hip-hop fans while those in camp chocolate prefer to kick back with a good book, a community site, has taken a wider look into flavor preference (like those made by Häagen - Dazs and Ben & Jerry's) and found these are the ten most popular ice cream flavors:

Vanilla, 29%
Chocolate, 8.9%
Butter Pecan, 5.3%
Strawberry, 5.3%
Neopolitan, 4.2%
Chocolate Chip, 3.9%
French Vanilla, 3.8%
Cookies and Cream, 3.6%
Vanilla Fudge Ripple, 2.6%
Praline Pecan, 1.7%

So is the world filled with so many risk takers?

If vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are not your go to flavors, here are some more flavor insights:
Banana Cream Pie - you are very easy-going. You are well-adjusted, generous, empathetic, and honest.
Mint Chocolate Chip - you tend to be ambitious and confident yet skeptical about life.
Rocky Road - you have a balanced mixture of charm and practicality.
Chocolate Chip - you are competitive and accomplished, no victory is sweet without a little hard work.
Butter Pecan - you would be seen as the perfect worker. You are devoted, conscientious, respectful, and conservative.

The new Starbucks ice creams are available by the pint for $4.39 (€3.30) and single-serve cups at $1.39 (€1.06) depending on location.

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