Sandwiches inspired by soda in a can

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Enter the Candwich, an elongated soda drink can that looks like it should have some sort of sugary drink or beer in it. Any liquid substance, however, has been replaced with sandwich-making ingredients and a piece of Laffy Taffy candy.


The American food company Mark One Foods' CEO and creator Mark Kirkland told Relaxnews on July 12 that the Candwich "should be able to launch within 60 days.

"The initial product(s) will be Peanut Butter & Jelly [strawberry and grape] first, with follow-on product[s] each quarter."

The Peanut Butter & Jelly Candwich (450 calories) will differ from the products scheduled to follow (pepperoni pizza pocket, BBQ chicken/ beef, French toast and cinnamon roll with chocolate sauce), as you will find separate packets of jelly, peanut butter and bread in the can order to make your own sandwich whereas the others will be pre-baked in.

To date Mark One Foods has not suggested that it is competing with Trekking Mahlzeiten's Cheeseburger in a can, a German invention that requires a double boiler to prepare (€3.95) or Sushi Poppers, an innovative frozen sushi roll that is packaged like Nestle's Push-Up frozen treats (six-pack $29.95/€ ($4.99/€ a roll).

Pricing has not yet been released for the Candwich but the product has been designed for vending machines with a one-year shelf life based on 'hurdle technology.'

It is also unclear where the Candwich will be available outside the US, as "Exporting of the product is being considered," however "it will depend on each country's  import requirements."

Hear Kirkland discuss and take a bite of the Candwich during an Australian news segment: