Say it with chocolate apps

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On April 29, iChocolate was introduced to the world, the first box of iPhone chocolate apps and the next generation of technochoco.

The packaging and handmade chocolates are extremely detailed by using "chocographics" to achieve vibrant iPhone app like colors.

Each box is made by hand; you can customize your order and select from four flavors: almonds, caramel, coffee and hazelnuts made from organic, fair trade "extra-dark, 100% cocoa butter chocolate" that is GMO-free, ionization-free, palm oil-free and contains no preservatives or artificial flavors. A box of 20 pieces is €35 and can be purchased online only via, an online boutique. The chocolates are produced in Paris and are prepared to ship all over the world with features like "anti-shake and sunlight-resistance."

Just in time for a techie Mother's Day, you can build an iChocolate ME (Mother's Edition) with apps that include I heart MUM.

Chocolate has long taken on many shapes but the iPhone app version, while inventive, is the next generatip, in technochoco -remember Chocomiis, the Nintendo Wii inspired chocolate couples priced $15 (€11.34).

To see iChocolate's specs, go to: and for Chocolate Miis: