According to Facebook's head chef, Josef Desimone, the social networking giant is powered with restaurant-style themed buffets featuring organic food with no GMOs, steroids or antibiotics.

Desimone, in a September 22 Forbes video clip, explains the daily menus are always fresh, new and reflective of the global team's diverse culinary tastes. Menus in the past have been built around an employee's grandmother's recipe from China and another all things chocolate.

However Desmione, who formerly prepared food for Google's staff, may not make the healthiest dishes.

According to the blog ValleyWag, Googlers claim "Josef Desimone was not Google's top chef. Everyone hated his cafes. He had the worst heavy, everything-fried menu."

That should not bother Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg whose favorite foods, says Desmione, include pulled pork sandwiches and hot dogs wrapped in bacon.

See Facebook's Secret Sauce:

In other Facebook news, the uber-secretive Zuckerberg has been opening up the media not only with Facebook's kitchen but also airing clips of his home while gifting $100 million (€74,228,000) to reform the Newark, New Jersey education system, an announcement made on American talk show Oprah on September 24.

Many surmise the sudden change is an attempt to deflect attention away from the release of The Social Network, a 'fictional' film about Facebook's birth and hiccups, to be released in North America on October 1.