For the first time ever, enjoy exclusive daily online i content and WIN gadgets and more with your favourite pint, courtesy of the Heineken Hub

How did we ever cope before the internet? Whatever you need now, the web can produce it in seconds. With news, sport, reviews, holidays, tickets, streamed music and movies, online stores and so much more, the Internet has become an essential part of everyday life.

And, of course, you no longer need to be huddled over your home computer to access its endless possibilities. Smartphones and smaller and cleverer portable computers make it easier than ever to go online whenever you want and wherever you are, as long as there’s Wi-Fi.

Take the pub - there’s nothing nicer than enjoying a pint and catching up on the news while you email your mates. The trouble is that lots of pubs and bars don’t have Wi-Fi and if they do, it’s not always free, or fast, so then you end up not bothering. Realising that surfing the web in the comfort of your local pub is one of life’s pleasures, Heineken is running the Heineken Hub in hundreds of the UK's best bars and pubs, where two of your favourite things - beer and the Internet - come together as they were surely meant to.

Much more than just a pub with Internet access, these specially chosen venues will allow customers to use super-fast and free Wi-Fi to access a special area of the Internet, the Heineken Hub, for which the UK’s newest newspaper, i, the quality daily and sister paper to The Independent, will be supplying exclusive content.

Every day our editor will select some of the best stories from news, views, features, business, culture and sports to keep you informed and entertained - the only place this content is available online. So hook up, drink up and enjoy the benefits of the Heineken Hub.