Minang Restaurant, Indonesian cuisine, 11 Greek Street.

Jane Evans - civil servant.

Peter Evans - management consultant. Mr and Mrs Evans had to rush from Victoria station to reach the restaurant on time. Consequently, they ordered the set meal; they felt too tired to think.

She, settling by the window, was intent on cooling down: 'We had a mixed starter: a lamb chop that was a bit unusual; satay with peanut sauce containing real peanuts, which helped. The spring rolls were spring rolls; they were acceptable. The squid was done well: it was spicy, but each piece tasted slightly different. Nicely balanced.'

Peter: 'The chicken thigh with chilli was horrid.'

Jane: 'He's just saying that so that he could eat it before I could. A high point was the Indonesian local curry. We asked what was in it, and just about managed to ascertain that it contained fresh, rather than powdered, chilli. It was absolutely superb. The dessert was well presented: the lychees had their hairs half on, so we knew they hadn't come straight out of a tin.

'The price came to about pounds 19.50 each, including a bottle of wine. The house wine was not much on its own; I would be disappointed if I bought it in a shop and it cost more than pounds 1.99, but it was quite all right with food.

'The service made up for it; it really stood out: not intrusive, but attentive and friendly. I would describe the decor as weird; the pictures (framed batik prints) are unusual. They have made maximum use of minimum space.'

Peter: 'Overall, it was pretty good.'

Jane: 'My husband has always been a man of few words.'

(Photograph omitted)