SoleShare is Theresa Douthwright’s risky new fish business. It’s lucky she has the support of the local foodie community

Tucked away near Hackney City Farm is a restaurant styled on Italy’s agriturismos. With Sunday roasts, live music supper clubs and tasting menus, it’s one of SoleShare co-founder Theresa Douthwright’s recommendations – and another of the independent, authentic and original bars, cafes and restaurants you will find on

Foodie businesses are great at feeding off each other. Frizzante is no exception, sourcing its juices from Chegworth Valley, fine Italian produce from Gastronomica (also at Borough, Whitecross and Broadway markets), and fresh Bianca La Bufala mozzarella from Caserta in Italy, via Old Street. It’s also one of the locations where you can pick up your SoleShare catch – and eat it freshly cooked. “In addition to buying fresh catches from us we collaborate on events,” says Theresa. “We bring the fish, they do the cooking.”

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Growing Communities does for veg what SoleShare does for fish and is another of Theresa’s foodie recommendations. This Hackney based local veg box scheme provides locally-grown, seasonal veg to members who collect their weekly box of fresh fruit and veg from one of the pickup locations.

“We’ve teamed up with them at several of our pickup locations which is working brilliantly. Fish and veg is a bit of a no brainer! And it’s starting to catch on,” says Theresa.