The new savory pastry possibly coming to a store need you / Starbucks

Global chain has only introduced the snack to its US stores

Global coffee chain Starbucks have brought out a 'pizza croissant', following in the footsteps of the grand cross-over tradition that brought us cronoughts.

The Volpi Pepperoni and Tomato ‘foldover’ contains all the ingredients found in a pepperoni pizza (pepperoni, tomato, cheese for anyone living under a rock) wrapped in puff pastry.

Social media users have – predictably – enjoyed the snack, quickly labelled the pizza croissant, with some going so far as to call it “a dream”.

But before you get too excited, the savoury pastry (which weighs in at only 270 calories) isn’t available in Britain yet.

Starbucks confirmed to The Independent that so far the pizza croissant is only available in the US.

But in any case, should the ‘pizza croissant’ doesn’t sound like your thing, don’t worry: there will also be a sliced ham with melted Swiss cheese pastry, as well as one with spinach.