May should be called international craft beer month with celebrations taking place in Kyoto, Japan on May 16 and a week devoted to American Craft Beer across the United States May 17-23, not to mention the numerous summertime limted-release brews.


This May welcomes Godless brew to the United States from Denmark, Guinness claims original craft heart with new stout trials in Malaysia and Northern Ireland, Anniversary Ale is celebrated as fans prepare for the release, plus a Canadian craft brewery offers first pale ale on tap and much more.

Gudeløs, "The Brewery Devil's Brew," Denmark: An imperial stout produced in Denmark that has been available in Europe since late 2008 will finally be imported to the United States the last week of May. Since its European debut, the name of the brew has caused quite a stir among some groups. Gudeløs's new label in English reads: "Devil's Brew and the Danish Atheist Society have entered into an unholy alliance, and the result is Gudeløs (Danish for Godless) - an ale brewed entirely without superstition. Gudeløs is an imperial stout with burnt and sweetish impressions, together with notes of licorice. To exercise social responsibility, Devil's Brew donates one Danish Crown to the Danish Atheist Society for each bottle sold." The Sheldon Brothers, the US importer, expects the first US shipment the last week of May and Gudeløs to arrive on shelves by the first week of June for $8.99 (€6.90)/500ml bottle (price will vary by state).

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout/ Guinness Black Lager, Ireland (available in US, Malaysia and Ireland): "Craft is a huge opportunity for us. We are the original craft beer, but we haven't marketed ourselves that way and that's going to change. GES [Guinness Extra Stout] has been growing for us single digits without much focus or attention other than putting it in craft sets... [Also] we're looking at ... bringing in Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, which got an A- on We are currently testing that in New York and Atlanta. We're looking to roll that out. It has a higher ABV of 7.5 and a hoppier taste, and so it plays right into those types of craft beers. We're also going to test a product called Guinness Black Lager. It will retail anywhere from $8.49 to $9.49 [€6.50-7.27]. The target is 25 to 34 year olds and it has a great craft taste. We're looking at testing that in September. It's currently rolled out in Ireland and Malaysia, and early indications are that it's bringing new drinkers into the franchise," explained the president of Guinness to a beer industry news site

Wild Rose AF23 Pale Ale, Wild Rose Brewery, Alberta, Calgary, Canada: AF23 Pale Ale, whose name comes from the military barracks that the brewery now calls home, has crafted a limited amount of the brewery's first pale ale available only during the summer on tap at select Canadian locations ( The Ship and Anchor and Wild Rose Brewery & Taproom).

4th Anniversary Strong Pale Ale, Port Brewing Company, San Marcos,California, USA: Port Brewing Company, maker of The Lost Abbey craft beers, will release their annual Anniversary Ale on May 15. Many had an opportunity to taste the brew during the Anniversary fete on May 8 in San Marcos. The Anniversary Ale will be available throughout the summer. The pricing has not yet been released; for more info, go to:

Fluffy White Rabbits, Pretty Things beer and ale project, Massachusetts, USA: Pretty Things Fluffy White Rabbits is available this spring and it might be difficult to get your hands on a 660ml bottle ($8.99/€6.90), since all Pretty Things beers are much sought after for taste and enjoy a cult following. Pretty Things describes itself as "a gypsy brewery, without a permanent brewing home. "