Summer’s arrived; it’s time for a ‘roofnic’

Welcome to the new rooftop popup bar in the heart of Central London

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Londoners always make the most of the brief spell of sunshine afforded to them: cycling instead of taking the tube; walking instead of hopping on the bus; wearing shorts to work; invading any green space for a picnic; and drinking exclusively in beer gardens.

The last two activities have been combined by recent popup – Roofnic – which offers a rooftop picnic retreat from the hordes on Oxford Street.

Like most popups, you won’t find convention here. There is a secret entrance at the far end of Oxford Street where guests will be led up a staircase to the venue.

Founder Ashley Dawes had a budget of £27,000 for the popup; and soon found that decorating the venue had to be driven by cutting costs and finding the best deals from around Europe.

Watch the video below to find out more about the creative process building Roofnic; along with some of our picks for alternative rooftop bars in the Capital.