Sweet potato flavored chocolate? Only in Japan

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On December 20, Kit Kat will launch its two final limited edition flavors of the year in Japan. 

The two new flavors are Kit Kat "Daigaku Imo" (candied sweet potato) and Kohaku Mini Red and White (milk chocolate and white chocolate in one package), costing approximately ¥525/€5 each.

Kit Kat Japan began offering a handful of novelty flavors in 2007, a strategy that has transformed the way it is eaten, and unique to Japan. Today, Kit Kat flavors vary from region to region (Baked Corn flavor can be found in Hokkaido and Yuzu Fruit flavor in Kyushu Island) and limited edition flavors are introduced each year. As of March, there were 19 standard Kit Kat flavors.

Current flavors include Strawberry Cream Cake, Gouda Cheese and Brown Sugar. 

The Japanese confectionery market is known for its extremely local and expansive range of flavors. Glico's popular chocolate covered biscuit snack has featured "Milk Coffee" as well as "Men's Bitter" and "Skippy" (dried crepe and peanuts covered in chocolate) flavors. Pucca brand biscuits are available in "Sweet Potato" and "New York Cheesecake" and Lotte brand Ghana chocolates are available in roasted mochi (Japanese rice ball) and sweet crouton flavors.

Kit Kat is available in a plethora of options specifically tailored to local tastes around the world (although none are as colorful as the offering in Japan). The candy is produced in more than 10 countries and sold in 72. There are different Christmas/holiday versions available as well, including a Crispy Santa in Europe and Holiday Minis in the US. 

The first ever flavor variant was Kit Kat Orange, introduced in the UK in 1996.