The 10 Best bread makers

Fancy baking your own fresh loaf from scratch every day? Then our selection will be like manna from heaven for you

1. Lakeland Bread Maker Plus

Some bread makers are so complicated that they feel like they’re more trouble than they’re worth. But this has a great digital control panel that’s easy both to see and use. There are 12 settings and the automatic dispenser is handy for extra ingredients. There’s even a detachable electronic scale.


2. Judge Digital Bread Maker

The 15 preset functions mean you can cover everything from wholemeal to French bread to ultra-fast bread making and it’s even possible to make a cake, jam and – bizarrely – yoghurt. The keep-warm setting is useful and there’s a choice of loaf sizes, though the kneading blade sometimes gets stuck in the bread.


3. Cookworks Bread Maker

A fabulous budget option. There are 12 programmes and you can control everything from the bread size to the crust colour. It’s easy to clean and even with everyday use, it just keeps producing great-tasting, delicious-smelling bread.


4. Panasonic Stainless Steel

This has more features than you’d think possible. Among them is a yeast dispenser that drops the yeast into the machine at the optimum moment to create the ultimate loaf, and a  diamond-particle-coated bread pan and kneading blade that makes them durable and scratch-proof.


5. Morphy Richards Fast Bake CoolTouch

This machine can make a 2lb loaf in less than an hour. You can also make dough, cakes and jam with it. There are three loaf sizes, 12 programmes, and some great recipes. It’s also easy to clean.


6. Kenwood BM260

This machine is easy to use and the eco button bakes an impressive loaf in just under an hour and a half while saving energy. It’s a bit noisy, though, and there’s no fruit-and-nut dispenser.


7. Russell Hobbs 18036

If you’re short of counter space, you’ll like this dinky machine. Expect some uneven browning and irregular-shaped crusts, but the results are otherwise good and it beeps at you when you need to add extra ingredients. The control panel is quite hard to see, though.


8. Morphy Richards White  Premium Plus

Boasting 19 programmes, this makes three sizes of loaf and has five crust settings from light (great for kids who hate crusts) to a dark finish which is perfect for rye. The fast-bake programme works well and there’s a good viewing window.


9. My Kitchen Compact Bread Maker

This machine is as petite as they come, so even if you live on a narrowboat or have the tiniest galley kitchen going, you can wake up to a fresh 1lb loaf every morning. There’s no shortage of options, including gluten-free, French or wholemeal, and a kneading-only setting for pizza bases or rolls.


10. Cuisinart Convection Bread Maker

This bakes a loaf quicker than most of its competitors on the standard setting. But its real standout points are the 12 genuinely useful pre-programmed settings and the fact that the kneading paddle doesn’t stick in the loaf. It’s quiet and the bread pan will go in the dishwasher.