Cool your Pinot Grigio or bubbly cheaply, with great style or using the latest in oenological advance - a giant icicle

1. Georg Jensen

It's pricy, but this state-of-the-art stainless-steel wine cooler is as classy, chic and stylish as they come. Designed by Swedish architect Thomas Sandell, it's also timeless and comes in a posh box, which makes it a great present.


2. Culinary Concepts

This elegant, leather-handled wine cooler comfortably holds two bottles of wine or champagne, keeping them both perfectly chilled. Great for parties or dinner parties, it looks the part and there's a matching pitcher, ice bucket and flutes, should you want to complete the set.


3. Dartington

This elegant glass wine cooler from Dartington is a sophisticated way to keep your wine at the optimum temperature, even when you're at the table. It can also be used as an ice bucket to keep other drinks icy fresh.


4. Mason Cash

Mason Cash is best known for its traditional mixing bowls, but its ceramic wine coolers are also impressive and work well in the kitchen or dining room. The terracotta shade gives it a nice rustic look in a natural colour scheme.


5. Cellardine Flexicles

Keeping wine boxes chilly has never been easy for those who don't have the luxury of a mammoth fridge. This nifty cooler stays flat-packed in the freezer until required and and actively chills warm three- and four-litre wine boxes within minutes.


6. Lakeland

Freeze the wrap to cool white wine or pop it in the microwave for up to 90 seconds before wrapping it around your bottle of red to make it the perfect drinking temperature. Thanks to the Velcro wrap, it's also suitable for champagne bottles.


7. Barcraft

Here's a no-nonsense wine cooler that's a simple and inexpensive way of keeping your Pinot Grigio or Chenin Blanc chilled without having to trek back to the fridge every time you want to top up your glass. The double-walled acrylic design is unobtrusive and effective.


8. Corkcicle

This revolutionary new concept keeps white wine the perfect temperature and brings reds that are too warm down to cellar temperature. It's ideal if you find traditional wine coolers too bulky. Once used, rinse and pop back in the freezer.


9. Royal Doulton

No, this isn't a vase, although you could be forgiven for thinking it is. Crafted from a mix of materials including glass, ceramic and stainless steel, it's part of Royal Doulton's "Pop in for drinks" range that includes glasses, cocktail utensils and more.


10. Le Creuset

Increase the odds of your friends opening the good bottle of wine that you bring them (as opposed to their keeping yours and opening a cheaper one they bought instead) with this transportable cooler sleeve. It works on a variety of bottle shapes and sizes.