The culture of the Whopper: UAE, the Netherlands, 'Virgins'

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The world's number two hamburger fast food chain Burger King (BK), also known as the "Home of the Whopper," continues its commitment of cross-cultural Whopper exchange with the release of new items in specific countries.

On October 20 food blogs (Eater, ZagatBuzz, Slashfood) lit up about BK's new Nacho Whoppers available in the Netherlands.

Three new Nacho Whoppers (Nacho Double Whopper, Nacho Whopper, Nacho Grilled Chicken Whopper) all include "crunchy Nacho chips, Jalapenos and a Mexican sauce."

Watch the new ad:

The food blog City of Ate wrote an open letter to Burger King thanking the chain for testing its "horrible novelty burger" on the Dutch and not in the US. "Keep that nacho thing away from us."

According to FoodBeast, in September BK released in Dubai a new "pizza-shaped Whopper that includes a "normal shaped patty and some layers of pepperoni, lettuce, cheese and a special dressing," and costs about €7.

In January McDonald's tested its McItaly menu items throughout Italy before expanding to select markets in Europe (France, Switzerland).

Most multinational fast food chains appeal to local tastes with special menu items like McDonald's India Chicken Maharaja Mac, Domino's USA Breakfast Pizza and Starbucks Thailand Caramel Coffee Jelly Frappuccino.

However Burger King has been in search of more burger cultural exchange. Watch "Whopper Virgins," a BK viral clip with first time burger tasters from remote areas of Romania, Greenland and Thailand:

And to see City of Ate's top five "horrible novelty burger trends" worldwide, go to: