The Hairy Bikers countdown their top 5 chicken dishes

Si King and Dave Myers share the chicken recipes that top their list

Si King and Dave Myers - aka The Hairy Bikers - have shared their all-time favourite chicken dishes, from family favourites to modern classics. 

In this video, the celebrity chefs explain the mouth-watering dishes that get their vote. 

Fried chicken

“The thing about chicken is that it’s universal,” says Dave. "Chicken is cooked in so many ways around the world from the cheap and cheerful offerings of chicken shops on the high street to the fanciest creations of the world’s Michelin-starred restaurants."

Chicken and mushrooms

There are a plethora of dishes that can be made with these two ingredients, say the Bikers. 

Piri piri chicken

This beloved spicy chicken dish originated in Portugal.

Dave said: “We’ve gone piri piri bonkers in Great Britain, haven’t we?”

Chicken curry

Although it's a common dish in South and Southeast Asia, chicken curry has made its mark in British society.

“It’s something that we all eat, and something that we love, behold and joy and is a comfort to us when only a curry will do,” says Si.

Sunday roast chicken

The pair has very fond memories associated with this crowd-pleasing dish.

Dave said: “When I was a lad, a roast chicken dinner on a Sunday was a special treat. My mum would bung in some Packet stuffing and cook the chicken in a big enamel casserole dish until the meat was falling off the bones.

“We’d eat it with mash, cauli cheese and lots of gravy while listening to ‘Two-way Family Favourites’ on the radio.”

He added: “Then the next day there’d be cold chicken with bubble and squeak, and on the third a chicken soup made with the carcass and any pickings.

“That was three meals for the three of us - a chicken did us proud.”

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