What's your favourite pizza topping? / Getty Images/Vetta

And, pineapple isn't ranked the worst

From Margheritas to Meat Feasts, what you top your pizza with is a contentious topic and one of those debates that will no doubt rage on through history.

Take the recent furore over whether it’s acceptable to add pineapple for instance. 

An American delivery company outright refused to top their pizza with it branding it “gross” while the President of Iceland sparked headlines with his desire to ban the topping completely.

Subsequently, in a bid to find out where us Brits stand YouGov has revealed the nation’s most popular topping but people aren’t happy.

Could it be pepperoni, chicken, bacon or chillies? No.

It turns out, the UK’s favourite pizza topping is mushroom.

Enjoyed by nearly two thirds of Brits (65%), the humble fungus came out on top with onion (62%), ham (61%), peppers (60%), chicken (56%) and pepperoni (56%) close behind.

Unsurprisingly, people are baffled by the results and have taken to Twitter to share their dismay.

“How can mushroom get more than Bacon?! Some people just want to watch the world burn‬,” one user wrote.

Another added, “Mushroom & onion? Seriously? This is the problem with democracy in a nutshell‬.”

The survey also weighed in on the pineapple debate to reveal that 53 percent of Brits say that they like it on their pizza scoring more than other toppings like spinach (26%) and olives (33%).

The two fish options, tuna (22%) and anchovy (18%), proved to be the least popular on the list.