Zagat may be the oldest crowd-sourcing dining guide but now there is an online crowd-sourced cookbook (food52) with a smartphone application (stickybits) that enables ‘smart shopping' for recipes' ingredients.

The food transmedia wave has limitless possibilities, and the rebirth of Gourmet magazine on the iPad this fall is just the beginning.

Stickybits and food52 have collaborated to revolutionize the way you look at ingredients while shopping for a meal.

Merrill Stubbs, cofounder of food52, explained to Relaxnews on July 23, how stickybits, a free smartphone application, and food52 are working together, "The idea is that anyone can download stickybits onto their iPhone or Android phone (sorry Blackberry-ers!) and then when they scan the barcodes of ingredients we've scanned, links to our recipes will pop up.

"We scanned and attached recipes to more than 300 products through food52 volunteers going out to supermarkets. Therefore, only the specific products we attached to recipes to will have the recipe show up on stickybits.

Whether you are at home or in the store you just need to grab your smartphone and scan the bar code on an ingredient's package including Heckers All-Purpose flour, Domino Light Brown Sugar, DeCecco Spaghetti or Organic Valley Sour Cream and a bunch of food52 recipes will be revealed."

Stubbs continued, "We're pretty sure this is only available in the US right now - we don't know whether stickybits plans to expand to foreign markets, or if the bar codes in other countries will work with this application."

However, the world's first crowd-sourced cookbook is available online via and "the plan is to publish the cookbook in print during spring 2011."

To download the application, go to