On October 7, the term "Grilled Cheesus" was still trending on Twitter after the October 6 airing of an episode of American hit television series Glee entitled "Grilled Cheesus," which included a grilled cheese sandwich toasted with Jesus's face.

Here are some tools and ingredients to "elevate" the traditional grilled cheese sandwich (one of the blog iFood.tv's top ten comfort foods) even if it might be a less than "holy" experience.

Stamping your bread before grilling, toasting or frying allows for a creative twist. The online shop ShinyShack.com offers an array of options like "Bonjour" with an image of the Eiffel Tower, Hearts with "Hot Stuff" or "Love" written in the center, a Marmite jar, a pirate, "Eat me" and "Hangover cure." All the stamps range from UK£3.99-5.99 (€4.50-6.85).

The image of the Virgin Mary is currently sold out. However, on October 8 Google found 210,000 results for "Jesus toast stamp."

In the future perhaps you will be able to customize your own messages on your bread. Designer Sasha Tseng, based in San Francisco, also known as SashaPure, created a concept "Toast Messenger" to do just that in 2007. Take a look: http://fotologue.jp/Sashapure#/3678269/4676381

Other ways to elevate your grilled cheese are by choosing innovative and premium ingredients such as sliced apples, heirloom tomatoes, porcini/portabello mushrooms, prosciutto, dry-cured pork loin, Serrano ham, mustard, spinach, basil, jalapeños, paprika or sage adapted from online foodies (Squidoo, Food.com, Facebook page Cheese on Bread, Slashfood, Delish).

Also you might want to experiment with various cheeses, breads and infused oils like English cheddar cheese, gruyère, fontina, brie, provolone, pepperjack, manchego, truffle oil, basil/rosemary/garlic infused oils, peasant breads stuffed with fruits, nuts, olives or spices, Challah toast, rye or potato bread.

See how to prepare and cook a "perfect" grilled cheese
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And, if you are a "Gleek" you might want to pick up a Grilled Cheesus t-shirt ($14.99/€10.75) to wear while you make your sandwich to enjoy the next time you watch the now-legendary episode. http://grilled-cheesus-t-shirt.spreadshirt.com/