Virtually tasty: World Cup match-by-match food pairings

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Vlogs and go-to recipe sites (Epicurious, Worldwide Gourmet, Cooks) can help you celebrate the world's culinary traditions to make sure your belly is full during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

On June 11, Epicurious tweeted a post that their blog Around the World in 80 dishes shares simple recipes with how-to videos for you try everything from ‘Jamaican jerk chicken' to ‘Turkish baklava.'

If you want to celebrate this weekend with a match-themed lunch or dinner party, try these nation-specific food pairings:

Saturday, June 12
Argentinean alfajores:
Nigerian akara:
Korean Bi Bim Bop:
Greek lamb and eggplant moussaka:
English toad in the hole:
American crab cakes:

Sunday, June 13
Algerian Lamb Shanks with Cardamom and Orange:
Slovenian oyster mushroom goulash:
German bee sting cake:
Australian pavlova:
Serbian cabbage:,179,156173-244206,00.html
Ghanaian semolina dumplings: