Like chicken, it has essentially no flavor but can be wildly enhanced - and it has been with everything from bacon to acai berries. The latest is lox - giving a whole new meaning to liquid brunch.    

Enter smoked-salmon vodka from the two-year old artisan vodka company Alaska Distillery, a project that the founder Toby Foster admitted to the Anchorage Daily News was a costly stunt to get attention for his young vodka company.

Foster explained that the smoked-salmon vodka was created mainly to elevate the average bloody mary cocktail.

On June 30, Facebookers posted their reactions that tend to range from "gross" to "sounds good." John Bernal posted his tasting notes: "Just had to give it a try and it was damn good. Did a shooter and followed that up with a bloody mary...both were excellent." And, Melissa Godoy asked the likely question: "will it leave a fishy aftertaste??"

Unfortunately most limited-edition vodka campaigns do not easily translate into tasting opportunities for everyone given their limited time on the market and local availability, rarely reaching worldwide markets.

Absolut Vodka is a classic example. Their iconic bottle and clever campaigns have resulted most recently in "a series of city-inspired flavored vodkas" only in the US. The latest was launched in June, Absolut Brooklyn, a blend of red apple and ginger in a bottle designed in collaboration with renowned Brooklynite and filmmaker Spike Lee as a tribute to "Brooklyn Stoop Life." Watch the spoken word trailer:

It is unlikely that lox will replace bacon as the meat de jour for vodka but more stunts can be expected, and potentially more unusual creations than smoked salmon.

The good news is that the social vlogging stunt/game ‘bros icing bros' where the vodka Smirnoff ice is used to stop a friend anywhere and he has to kneel on one leg and chug the vodka, appears to be losing its appeal.