Vote for your favorite - and most hated - food TV show or chef

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The original crowdsourcing diner's guide has launched its first TV survey, which aims to reveal readers' favorite food TV shows - and the most annoying hosts.

The online survey from Zagat, launched August 19, asks readers a slew of questions including their general TV-viewing habits and loyalties to food shows and cooking channels.

The survey also aims to find out if the proliferation of food and cooking shows has changed people's eating habits: do viewers actually cook the dishes shown or do they ogle the foods and then order takeout?

Respondents are also asked if they follow food TV personalities on other forms of social media, like Facebook or Twitter.

Meanwhile, users of the foodie forum Chowhound also weighed in with their opinions on food TV shows in a thread that generated 52 replies since being started last January.

Though answers run across the board - mostly among Food Network personalities - the most popular shows mentioned include Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, The Barefoot Contessa and No Reservations.

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