On the eve of the permanent shuttering of one of the most legendary restaurants in the world, a filmmaker has released a rare video that provides a backstage pass into the kitchens of El Bulli, where foods are manipulated with power tools and liquid nitrogen, and little furry creatures meet their bloody end.

Released on the luxury blog Nowness.com on Wednesday, the video by Marcus Gaab is set to a heavy rock bass soundtrack and shows the army of kitchen staff creating gastronomic art like gorgonzola balls - frozen spheres of cheese with a soft center - and chocolate coral, a strawberry-dusted chocolate molded in the shape of a sea coral.

Perhaps less appetizing, however, are images of kitchen chefs holding up bloody carcasses of small, skinned, unidentifiable animals that are being cleaned.

While the kitchen staff is photographed hard at work, the video is spliced to show El Bulli's frontman Ferran Adrià sitting idly by, looking bored, taking notes or being catered to with a refreshing beverage.

El Bulli, which has been named the World's Best Restaurant five times, will be serving its last meal July 30 and reopening as a culinary research think tank in 2014.

To watch the video, visit http://www.nowness.com/day/2011/7/20/el-bulli.